Garage Roof Replacement

A garage roof is susceptible to the worst the UK weather can throw at it, and it comes as no surprise that after years of standing against the elements, they may need to be replaced.

Thankfully our free quote service covers all types of garage roof replacement, and the expert roofers on our network are always ready to give professional advice, and their cheapest quotes.

Flat garage roof replacement

Flat garage roofing can be particularly prone to water damage if the surface layer is penetrated, and though it is often enough to get a garage roof repair, when they come to the end of there useful lives at around 20-30 years old it makes more sense to replace your garage roof entirely. In fact a new roof can work out a lot less expensive than you think if you factor in the on-going repair costs your existing roof is giving you.

Pitched garage roof replacement

If you have a pitched garage roof then the overall cost of the replacement will be more, as the structure and roofing materials will be more costly. A complete garage roof replacement might be unavoidable in situations like a house extension where the room above the garage is utilised as habitable space.

What affects garage roof replacement costs?

Whatever the type or style of your garage, there are a number of factors which will affect the overall cost of the work, including (but not limited to):

Size: Clearly the scale of the project will have a direct impact on the replacement cost. The larger the area, the lower the unit cost per square foot, but ultimately the higher the overall roof replacement cost.

Materials: Whether your garage roof is flat or pitched, the materials used will have a direct impact. From asphalt to metal on flat roofing, to tiles and thatch on pitched roofing. It’s worth noting that often, tiles/slates etc. can be re-used on the new roof structure.

Features: Normally flat roofs are exactly that, and therefore replacing a flat roof is a strightforward process. Pitched garage roofs however can have additional angles and features like dormer windows etc. which will all add to the overall cost.

Hiring Professionals

Clearly, garage roof replacement is a job for the professionals. The work can be dangerous, is almost always at height and the specialist nature of the work means a DIY attempt can often do more harm than good. Poorly fitted roofs can leak, be structurally unsound and be a threat not only to the content of the garage, but the people that use it.

Thankfully getting quotes from professionals is something we specialise in, and a service we provide to UK residents every single day. What’s more they are free, and no-obligation so there is no commitment or risk whatsoever in your application.

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