Leaking Roof Repair

leaking roof repair

A leaking roof can cause untold damage to property if it isn’t fixed promptly, and by an appointed specialist. Rainwater entering a property can cause damage not only to the loft-space, but down wall partitions, onto floor joists and electrical circuits.

In fact leaking roof repair is often the cheapest part of any roof issue, it’s the secondary problems which can be the most costly.


Thankfully, most leaking roof repair can be undertaken both quickly and at a reasonable cost, especially if you can compare free quotes with just a minute of your time, and it’s a service we provide every single day.

Why hire professionals for leaking roof repair?

It’s vital to hire a professional roofer for any roof repair work you might need undertaking for a number of reasons:

Health & Safety: the most important factor is your health, and the safety of others around you. Not only is roof work dangerous because of working a height, but if done incorrectly any unsatisfactory work could pose a risk to any public who may walk underneath the roof structure. By hiring professional roofers you can be sure the job will be carried out safely for everyone involved.

Good Workmanship: Even if the leaking roof repair job you need undertaking seems fairly minimal, the potential for it to cause havoc throughout your house/premises is huge. A DIY attempt simply isn’t good enough if you want to secure your roof against the elements.

Saving Money: How might hiring a professional save you money? The fact is you have to think about the long term… hiring a professional roofer not only gets the job done, but minimises any risk of having to get it repaired again anytime soon. DIY attempts can prove even more costly to rectify if they go wrong.

It’s also important to remember that professional roof repair may also be an important part of your house insurance so it’s worth checking for the peace of mind.

Leaking Roof Repair Costs

So what will ultimately affect any leaking roof repair costs? Here are some of the main factors:

Scale of problem: clearly the extent of the problem will influence the cost. Perhaps you’ve lost one tile, or a tree has damaged a much larger expanse of roof, the scale of the damage will affect the cost directly.

New Tiles/Roof Material: If you need parts of your roofing repaired then the replacement cost will have to be factored in. It might be that you can purchase the materials yourself, or it might even work out cheaper having them supplied with the labour.

Additional Repairs/Costs: getting a leaking roof repaired is just one part of the overall job… you will need to rectify any damage caused inside the house, and it’s an important consideration when costing up the whole job. Many people forget this important step.

Saving On Leaking Roof Repairs

So how can you save on repairing your leaking roof? The simplest way, which is used daily by people throughout the UK is to compare our free no-obligation quotes. Professional roofers are waiting to quote for your work, and they know you want it as cheap, and as quick as possible.

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leaking roof repair costs

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